Yahoo Publisher Network RSS ads discontinued

Another day, another Yahoo Publisher Network program has been closed.  YPN has discontinued their Ads in RSS program.  I am kind of surprised they did this, because this was one of the YPN programs I have always highly recommended.   Google AdSense had their RSS ads in a closed beta for years, so I recommended people use YPN RSS ads.  Now that AdSense has relaunched their AdSense for Feeds, I wonder if everyone made a mass exodus to their version of RSS Ads.

Here is the email sent to publishers.

Dear Yahoo! publishing partner,

We wanted to let you know that we are closing our Ads in RSS program effective February 2, 2009. We have ended this beta program to focus on other more broadly used ad products for our publishing partners, such as Sponsored Search and Content Match. We recommend buy tramadol online that you remove current Content Match tags from your RSS pages.

Please be assured that we continue to invest in both our Sponsored Search and Content Match products and are excited about many upcoming improvements for 2009. We appreciate our relationship with you and look forward to working with you to grow our business together.


Your partners at Yahoo!

This news comes shortly after Yahoo announced they were closing another one of their publisher ad programs, the Ads in PDF.

You have to wonder what other ad programs are left at YPN that could be discontinued.  And I really wonder what the motive was behind this closure, it would seem to be that it wouldn’t really require a lot of work on their end to maintain it, unless it was simply used by spammers republishing other’s content.

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