AdSense testing larger font in ad units

Publishers have the belief that bigger is always better… and it looks like AdSense is feeling the same way at the moment.  Google AdSense is now testing a much larger font in AdSense ad units… and when you compare the two same sized ad units side-by-side, one with the new larger font and the other with the smaller usual style, all you’ll be able to say is “wow!”

The first ad unit is the new style, and the one below it is the usual style… notice the difference? (both are full size)



Now, which one would you rather have on your buy modafinil site 😉

This seems to be in limited testing right now, so it may or may not show up on one of your sites.  What does everyone think of it?  Love it on your site, or hate it?  Personally, I love it… and it sure beats the Comic Sans font they were doing limited testing on a while back 😉

Added: I realized what the larger font ad units remind me of… the YPN ads – the font size falls somewhere in the middle of the two.  Here is an example of YPN’s ad for comparison…


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