Google AdSense adds 300 more channels for tracking

Have you been annoyed with the fact you can only have 200 URL and Custom channels?  Being someone who uses my channels vigorously, it has been pretty annoying.  And when I am working with clients who really need much more tracking data than 200, it has been a pain.   AdSense trackers can do the job somewhat, but still, only AdSense can give specifics on revenue.

Well, I noticed a few days ago when adding a new channel (I only had a few channels left to use) that suddenly I had a lot more channels showing up in the “Total URL and Custom Channels remaining” notice.  Google has given us more channels… and more than doubled the number available!

Now, AdSense publishers can track a total of 500 URL and/or Custom Channels, which means an extra 300 tracking channels have been added.  The change seems to be very recent, I can’t find any montion of it, and all the help buy clomid online documents still quote the 200 channels.

It is a good move to add new channels, publishers have been stuck with only 200 channels since 2005

So if you have been wanting to do some more testing, but the number of channels you had left were too limiting, now is the time to go ahead and do some optimization and A/B testing to increase your AdSense income!  If you run multiple ad units, use your channels to make sure your highest CTR ad unit is the one getting you the best revenue.  And then use some new channels to do some color rotation testing to make sure your ads aren’t too blended.

Added: I have heard from one person who still only has the 200.  Perhaps additional channels were only given to those who were nearly at the channel limit.  I’ll keep you posted and Twitter as I hear more, so be sure to follow me there too 😉

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