AdSense stats are not updating

If you nearly had a heart attack when you logged into your AdSense account today and saw you were earning only a mere fraction of what you were expecting, you are not alone 🙂  Google AdSense stats have been stuck for at least 8-9 hours, and it seems to be affecting all publishers.  Ads are still being served as usual, however, and hopefully are being tracked 🙂 

AdSense also has a page for documenting current and recent previous issues, however the stats delay has not been added to that page, at least not as of 12:30 pm PST – also known as Googleplex time for those stat junkies 😉

A quick check on the official AdSense Help Forum shows that it seems to be a publisher-wide issue, but none of the Google AdSense reps have posted as of yet.

The issue is also affecting both AdWords and Analytics as well too, with all those stats frozen as of early this morning too.  But none of those official blogs mention anything about the delay… which is particularly very unusual for AdWords, since they generally give advertisers plenty of notice when there will be stats delays.

Usually major delays mean that something new and shiny is being added to AdSense or AdWords, but it is possible it could be Analytics related, since it is experiencing the frozen stats issue too.  Or, it could be a major support issue that is causing the frozen stats, something I am guessing it is, since the delayed stats are usually only after a “hey we are going to be doing some maintenance” blog post on the various Google blogs.

I will post updates on Twitter (@jenstar) when I know/hear more, or when stats begin updating again for those who are suffering from Google AdSense stats withdrawl 😉

Update @ 2:30pm PST: Impressions have gone up slightly.  I see about 50 more impressions with under a dollar of updated earnings.  Pretty miniscule, but things are moving again.

Update @ 3:20pm PST: Impressions seemed to have stayed the same, but earnings have gone up to about 4-5 times what they have been showing for the last 12 hours or so… but still not where they should be on a typical Saturday.

Update @ 4:25PM PST: And they are stuck again since my last update.  Guess Google was teasing us 😉

Update at 5:35PM PST: So AdWordsAdvisor has posted an update on WebmasterWorld on the situation from the AdWords point of view, and confirms that the issue affects AdSense publishers too.  Here is what was said, after he looked into the situation:

* There was a stats issue in the Ads system that affected stats related to Adwords, AdSense, TV Ads, and GFP.

* The issue started at roughly 4AM PST on Sat 2/14/09 and lasted several hours.

* The issue only affected stats and reporting. AdServing was not affected and all ads continuted to run as normal.

* Account access was normal during this time.

* As you can imagine, AdWords engineers are working to get all stats back online/up-to-date ASAP. The update process has started.

* No stats have been lost

* It is anticipated that by the end of today all basic stats at the Adgroup, Campaign, and Account level will be current.

* Advanced stats such as Product Placement Reports and Query reports for Friday, Saturday, Sunday are anticipated to be available by Tuesday 2/17/09

So, the short of it is likely that the stats will be updated for AdSense by the end of the day, since AdWords anticipates being caught up then too.  Thanks AWA!  And yes, I will continue to tweet on the situation as it updates 🙂

Update Feb 15:  Still getting reports that stats from yesterday don’t seem to be complete and that today’s totals seem to be lower than normal.  While some could be attributed to yesterday’s holiday (Valentine’s Day), others are wondering if its an issue on Google’s end.  What is everyone else seeing?

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