AdSense now lets publishers choose their own font

If you have been watching the new fonts AdSense has been testing over the past couple of months, looks like the testing paid off because now publishers have just been given a new option in their AdSense accounts to choose their own fonts.

The new options are “Standard AdSense font family”, which varies by ad unit but is typically Verdana or Arial (view the standard formats here), as well as Arial, Verdana or Times New Roman as an option as well.  It is worth noting that both Arial and Times New Roman can display much smaller inside the ad unit that defaults to Verdana, so be wary of making any immediate changes without looking to see how it looks in your chosen ad unit.

You can see the three ad units in action here, they will sometimes show with three ads per unit, instead of four, which will increase the font size, most noticeably with the Times New Roman.  Or until someone site targets JenSense and they start showing up instead 😉

And here are screenshots of the three ads, with the standard Open Air color scheme:



Times New Roman:




There is an option in your account settings tab to change the font account wide.  Or a publisher can change it by individual ad unit, which is what I would recommend.

I know many people will jump to change the font to prevent banner blindness, but since the font is smaller, you will definitely want to do A/B testing or change it on only a small number of pages before you unleash it across your entire account, particularly if you want to chose Times New Roman.

Don’t forget that if you change the font to match the font on your page, you also run the risk of making your ad units too blended.  If you are worried you might have done this, read Are Your AdSense Ads Too Blended (and more tips and techniques are here)

I was curious that the Comic Sans font wasn’t included, although personally I think that style looks unprofessional… however I know on some sites that are more hobby-ish in nature, it would fit right in.

So what does everyone think of the changes?  I will definitely be testing it out, and while I definitely won’t be rushing to change my entire account to anything but the default, it is nice that publishers now have this option if they want it.

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