Introducing ADSPACE – Contextual Advertising Conference & Expo


I have been speaking about contextual advertising (both for publishers and advertisers) for many years now, but it has always been a part of a larger scope conference, where the focus has been on a much broader topic, such as search engine marketing or blogging. Well, that is about to change because ad:tech has launched the new ADSPACE Contextual Advertising Conference & Expo, which will have its first show on April 22, 2009 in San Francisco.

The conference will cover contextual advertising from both the publisher side as well as from the advertiser perspective as well, with two separate tracks and an expo hall. It is taking place at the same venue as ad:tech San Francisco, so you can easily attend both if you were already planning on ad:tech.

The sessions are listed on the ADSPACE site.

In the Publisher Strategies Track:

  • The State of Contextual Advertising
  • 10 Proven Methods to Increase Your eCPM & Generate More Revenue
  • AdSense Publisher Forum
  • Beyond Text Ads: In-Text, Affiliate, Lead-Gen, eBay and More!
  • The Secrets to Success: Tips and Tricks from Leading Publishers

And the Advertiser Strategies Track:

  • Tools & Technologies: Using Targeting & Optimization to Achieve Success
  • Measurement and Metrics
  • Workshop Series

    1. Social Media Strategies
    2. Placement Targeting vs. Content Ads – What’s the Difference
    3. Emerging Platforms

  • Marketers Roundtable: The View from the Buy Side
  • Performance Branding

There are also two keynotes, the Opening Keynote, and the second one which I know will be pretty popular, the Closing Keynote: Insights from an AdSense Rockstar – Tales from the AdSense Millionaires Club.

There is an early bird reduced rate of $395 for ADSPACE until March 20th, but there is also a special JenSense code for an extra 10% off, so it would only be $355. Use the JenSense code of ADSPACE2 when you register to get your discount.

I will be posting a lot more about it in the coming days and weeks as we line up speakers. You can follow updates on Twitter at @adspaceconf and I will be tweeting about it as well at @jenstar.

If you are in the Bay Area or are planning to attend ad:tech and are interested in speaking on contextual advertising at ADSPACE, please contact me with a brief bio and what you would like to speak about, as we are in the speaker selection process. I am looking forward to seeing many of you there, it will be a great day of learning and increasing your revenue – with AdSense and more, for both publishers and advertisers.

Note: This blog post was corrupted in the database and was reposted, please see for original comments.

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