Some AdSense publishers unable to login, starts endless loop with Google account login

To start with, if you are having a panic attack and think Google must have suspended your AdSense account, chances are pretty good that your account is fine, but it is Google having login issues instead 🙂  I will be posting updates on Twitter at @jenstar as things change.

If you are trying to login to your AdSense account and having problems, Google is definitely having issues. When you go to the main AdSense login page, the landing page is different, but gives you a link to login. But once you click the link, it takes you to the generic Google account login. Which is fair enough, but once logged in to that, when you click the link to the AdSense account within your Google account, it takes you back to the initial different looking AdSense landing page, where the loop is repeated.

So here is the new look landing page… note that it seems to be there to attract potential new publishers rather than being something useful for regular publishers since there is no login boxes on this page.  Click the image to view it normal size.


So you click the Already using AdSense? link, and you are taken to yet another new page:


So you login and the assumption is that you will be taken to your AdSense account.  But actually, you are taken to your Google account landing page (I did not include a screenshot since it includes some of my personal login info, along with all the Google products I use, some of which are still in limited beta).

On the Google account landing page, there is a link direct to AdSense.  But when you click it, sure enough you land on the new look landing page, the first screen shot in this blog entry.  And then the whole process repeats itself over and over again.

Interestingly, multiple browsers are reporting this issue, so it doesn’t seem to be a case with one browser having it and another not. Interestingly enough, my laptop had this issue while my deskop on the identical IP and same login info displayed the usual login page.  You can try flushing your cookies or using a different browser to try and work around it.

It could be that Google is rolling out an update to the Google interface, and while rolling it out in batches have discovered this issue.  So there could be something new and shiny to play with in our AdSense accounts once the problem is fixed.  Follow me on Twitter @jenstar as I keep you posted on the latest!

More discussion at DigitalPoint & AdSense support forum.  Nothing official from Google as of yet.

Update: It appears the endless looping issue is resolved, but some people are still seeing the new version of the AdSense login pages.

Update March 4 @ 12pm: Many people are still being hampered by this.  I still can’t get my laptop out of the weird login loop.  If you are having the same issue, try a different browser, but even Google Chrome is having this issue with some publishers.

Google has also commented on the issue:

Login loop

If you tried to sign in to your AdSense account between 10:45 and 11:35 p.m. PST last night, you may have found yourself in a “loop” between the AdSense login page and your Google Accounts page. We’re in the process of trying out some new designs for our US English homepage, and we rolled them back after users reported a login error with one of the designs. You should now be able to sign in as normal. Rest assured the next time the new designs are rolled out, you’ll actually end up where you want to be: in your AdSense account! Thanks especially to the forum posters and Twitterers for quickly bringing this to our attention.

Slower stats

You may notice more of a delay in your AdSense and Google Ad Manager stats than usual today, as our engineers will be performing some maintenance work on our system. Please be assured that ads will continue to be served to your pages, and all activity will continue to be tracked as usual. Although it may take longer than usual to see impressions, clicks, and earnings reported in your account, you’ll be credited for all valid activity on your sites. We apologize for the short notice, and appreciate your patience as we work to keep our systems updated for you.

Hopefully we will see everything back to normal soon.

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