If you think no one is watching you click your own AdSense ads…

It is funny how people think they are being so creative by clicking their own AdSense ads.  So, here is one guy who thought he’d be sneaky by clicking his own AdSense ads – across multiple sites, no less – while at a Morrison’s Supermarket in the UK.


SEO Idiot caught this guy in action while he was at Morrison’s last week, and fortunately for the voyeur in all of us, he took a pic of the guy and then twittered it 🙂  He said “he appeared to be clicking ads on a number of sites – they didnt look like decent paying ads either – prob paid for his sandwich”.  And he appeared nervous while doing… and rightly so!

So next time you are passing by that internet cafe or using a wireless network outside of home/work, and think the coast would be clear to click a few ads, well, you just never know who may be watching!  Now, I know SEOIdiot did not report this publisher, but if you do the same thing, you might not be so lucky.  Not to mention the fact that the Google click fraud filters will probably raise the red flag on this one, especially if this is his daily lunch break activity.

Cue the “I got banned for no reason at all!” complaint 😉

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