Speaking at SES New York & judging best search apps contest

Next week I will be in New York for Search Engine Strategies New York, taking place March 24-26 (with training sessions on both the Monday and Friday). 

My first session is Introduction to Search Engine Marketing with Susan Prater from Owens Corning and David Naylor on Tuesday morning.  It is an overview of Search Marketing tips and techniques for those who are fairly new to the world of search engine marketing.  While most people know me for speaking about contextual advertising and AdSense, I actually also speak frequently on all aspects of search engine marketing, optimization and social media marketing.

Also on Tuesday, I am on of the judges for Searchappalooza at 1:45pm in the Grand Ballroom.  So if you have a killer search app you think should be in the must-have arsenal of any search marketer, be sure to submit it (yes, it is free to submit your app)… you might just get picked to demo your search app at SES New York in front of the Searchappalooza attendees and the judges, which include myself (Jennifer Slegg, CEO, JenSense), Larry Cornett (VP Search, Yahoo!), Rob Griffin (SVP Search Marketing, MediaContacts), Stacey Helman (Agency Development Executive, Microsoft) and Venkat Kolluri (CEO Chitika, Inc.). So it is a pretty good opportunity to get your app in front of some industry leaders. There is also a Twitter contest for a Kindle, if you are unable to attend.

There is also the Searchappalooza party at 5pm, so if you want to attend one of those exclusive parties everyone talks about, attending Searchappalooza will get you a wristband to get you into the party at O’Lunney’s Pub later that day from 5-7pm.  You can also hit up the Chitika booth or find the Owl (OWL?  Apparently so!) to score a wristband.  Yes, you need a wristband to get into the private party, just showing up won’t get you in.

Don’t forget there is the Monday night IM Charity Party with drinks and prizes.  There is a minimum $50 donation to attend (which goes entirely to charity) but the great sponsors cover the drinks.  I have attended many of these parties in the past, and it is always a great time socializing and networking for a great cause, and you will find many of the speakers and search bloggers in attendance.  The party is at Heartland Brewery in Union Square this year.  Consider this a must-attend party!

I will be around throughout the week, so feel free to have a quick chat if you see me. I have a few events scheduled in the evenings, but afterwards you will very likely find me in one of the hotel’s lounges or bars (last year there were two, but there was construction going on, so you just never know!)… which is where all the real networking happens :)  I also tend to twitter frequently at conferences, so you can follow me on Twitter (@jenstar) to find out where I am, and what we are all doing.  And if you are interested in becoming a JenSense client, please feel free to send me a message via my contact form so we can connect while in New York.

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