Google AdSense opens Google Analytics integration to all publishers

If you have been waiting to get an invite into the Google AdSense / Google Analytics integration, you are in luck because they have just opened the entire program up to all publishers. Over the past few months, we’ve been gradually inviting publishers to integrate their AdSense accounts with Google Analytics, and today we’re happy […]

New AdSense Policies Released: major implications for link sellers, MFAs & blended ad styles

It’s new AdSense Policies time.  Remember, when you agreed to the AdSense terms & conditions, you automatically agreed to also abide by the AdSense Policies, even when they are changed, so be sure you aren’t in violation of the new policies 🙂  And some of the changes are pretty huge in my opinion, I just […]

AdSense really wants European publishers to get reports in Euros

Imagine being a publisher in Europe and everytime you login your AdSense account, you are greeted instead with a page similar to the one we see when AdSense updates their Terms & Conditions.  Right now for European publishers (see note below on which European countries) it is considered optional to use local currency instead of […]

More details on category filtering from AdSense

I blogged earlier about the new Google AdSense category targeting that was announced earlier today.  So, I asked the AdSense team plenty of questions while they were on the ADSPACE panel. First, this is in a limited beta, meaning if you haven’t already been asked to participate, you won’t be in the initial wave of […]

AdSense annnounces new category filters for publishers

I am at the ADSPACE conference where Brad Bender from Google is giving his opening keynote.  And as I suspected, they did announce something new for publishers.  AdSense has announced some new category filters for publishers. Brad didn’t go into too much detail, but it will allow publishers to filter out ads by categories.  I […]

Google AdSense Publisher forum at ADSPACE conference

Ever wish you had the opportunity to pose your burning AdSense questions directly to a panel of AdSense team members?  Well, now you have your opportunity!  I will be moderating a Google AdSense Publisher Forum at ADSPACE next week, where AdSense team members will be answering not only my questions, but I will also be […]

AdSense ups competitive ad filter to 500 for publishers

If you have maxed out your competitive ad filter, you are in luck, because AdSense has increased the number of filters for publishers up to 500. Here is the thread at WebmasterWorld from AdSenseAdvisor Check your account. We have more than doubled your number of filters (to 500). Please don’t go crazy with this. The […]

Introducing JenSense Pro – members only articles & forums

I have thought about doing some sort of membership site for years now, and after some prodding by several Twitter followers, I decided to bite the bullet for a few reasons. The first is that JenSense has primarily been a news site for AdSense and other contextual advertising programs, I don’t tend to do too […]

AdSense rejecting new applications on new domains

I noticed an interesting thread on Digital Point with a new reason for rejection – the domain in question used to apply for Google AdSense was newer than 6 months old.  This is one reason I have never heard of before, and a quick search didn’t bring up any results for the exact rejection reason: […]

New AdSense privacy policy with interest based targeting included

With the new interest based targeting available through Google AdSense, all publishers must update their privacy policies to reflect this by April 8, 2009. With the popularity of the previous privacy policy by JenSense (used on more than 68,000 websites and counting), we now have a newly updated privacy policy for publishers with the new […]