AdSense rejecting new applications on new domains

I noticed an interesting thread on Digital Point with a new reason for rejection – the domain in question used to apply for Google AdSense was newer than 6 months old.  This is one reason I have never heard of before, and a quick search didn’t bring up any results for the exact rejection reason:

The Domain on which AdSense ads are shown should be active for atleast 6 months.

While Google has long required that sites be established before acceptance into AdSense, usually gauged into terms of enough content on the site, and nothing “under construction”, there never was a requirement that a site couldn’t be brand new.

You also have to wonder if this might eventually be used as reason enough to disable ad serving on domains newer than 6 months on accounts that have been added to already approved accounts.  It would be an easy reason for AdSense to quickly clean up accounts that are seen as “less quality” if they are adding a lot of brand new domains with spammy content.

There is nothing in the AdSense terms nor in the policies that specifically prohibits AdSense (or brand new accounts) running on sites where the domain is newer than 6 months old. 

It also brings up the fact that AdSense is now checking domain registration details on new applications.  I have known for quite some time that Google was checking domain registration information on new AdSense applications, with the AdSense team checking to see if the name on the AdSense account matched the domain name owner, but never to check the age of a domain before.

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