Introducing JenSense Pro – members only articles & forums

I have thought about doing some sort of membership site for years now, and after some prodding by several Twitter followers, I decided to bite the bullet for a few reasons.

The first is that JenSense has primarily been a news site for AdSense and other contextual advertising programs, I don’t tend to do too much posting about the results of my AdSense testing, optimization tips and tricks, etc, I tend to share that information primarily with clients only now.  So I am looking at JenSense Pro as “consulting on a larger scale” and as a place for me to share some higher level optimization tips without revealing them to the masses, since so often when an optimization technique gets used by everyone, it looses its effectiveness.

Second, there is a lack of quality AdSense discussion out there, and I hope this will fill a much needed niche of high level AdSense discussion but without the “my account got suspended” or “my eCPM has dropped” posts that clutter up so many of the forums out there.  This is one part I am really looking forward to!

Right now JenSense Pro is free, but it is invite only right now 🙂 

It will probably eventually go to a paid subscription model once the content is fully in place, but am also considering doing some sort of sponsorship model, which would see the Pro section remain invite only but sponsored.

So if you would like an invite, understand that it IS in beta, so the “behind the scenes” offerings will not be as great as what it will be when it officially launches out of beta.  That said, I am adding more higher level articles daily while it is in the beta stage, and I am also open to accepting great user submitted content or your own case study (which is also a great way to get an invite too, BTW!)

The first wave of invites will be going out later today, so here’s the full instructions for applying for a beta invite so you can join in the fun 🙂  You can also follow me on twitter, where I will be commenting as new waves of invitees are let in 🙂

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