Google AdSense opens Google Analytics integration to all publishers

If you have been waiting to get an invite into the Google AdSense / Google Analytics integration, you are in luck because they have just opened the entire program up to all publishers.

Over the past few months, we’ve been gradually inviting publishers to integrate their AdSense accounts with Google Analytics, and today we’re happy to announce that this feature is now available to all publishers. Integrating your account with Analytics will provide you with more detailed information about traffic to your pages and how users interact with your site.

I have used this for a few months now, and it is stellar for looking at things like revenue earned from individual referrers (how I discovered that StumbleUpon traffic tends to have a higher eCPM than most other traffic, at least on one site of mine) as well as on individual pages, which is pretty convenient if you don’t want to set up individual channels for each page or you don’t have enough channels to do it. You can also look at time of day stats as well with the trending data.

You should see an option within your AdSense account when you login to your dashboard which will start the integration process.

They also have a handy video with set-up instructions:

Of course, there are always those who have the Google tin foil conspiracy theories who probably won’t want to link Google AdSense with Google Analytics, but personally I find the added level of data for doing AdSense optimization is well worth doing it.

Note: This blog post was corrupted in the database and was reposted, please see for original comments.

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