How to protect your AdSense account from invalid clicks

After uniQlicks began spamming AdSense publishers with fake Google AdSense termination emails in an attempt to scare publishers into signing up for their “invalid click protection”, a lot of people asked me what they can do themselves to protect their AdSense account.  The AdSense team contacted me and said they have a list of tips for […]

uniQlicks spamming AdSense publishers with fake AdSense termination emails

It is probably the worst feeling for a publisher… checking your email only to discover a “Google AdSense Account Disabled” email from Google.  That is what happened to an AdSense publisher Steve this morning (and presumably to others as well)… and it turns out that it was a fake termination letter done by a company that […]

Google News showing inappropriate ads on embedded YouTube videos

I have been on the road for most of the last two weeks, so I have been getting current events news on both and Google News, particularly about the Air France plane crash.  A couple of days ago I noticed Google News was now embedding videos from (what I believe are) “trusted video news […]