Google AdSense accidentally sends duplicate payments to some publishers

If you were one of the publishers who discovered two AdSense checks in your mailbox instead of the usual one, don’t get too excited, the AdSense fairy didn’t suddenly decide your website was so awesome it was worthy double the amount of expected earnings.  An error with the bank that processes checks printed and mailed duplicate checks to some Google AdSense publishers (including me!)

It seems the problem is isolated to Canadian publishers (or at least no non-Canadian publishers have reported it yet).  But because the checks are exact duplicates, the bank will (unfortunately!) only honor one of them.  Some publishers received both checks in a single envelope, while others received them in two separate envelopes, as much as a week apart.

Here is the email sent to affected publishers.


We’re writing to let you know about an issue with your July AdSense
payment. Due to a Citibank processing error, we recently mailed you a
duplicate AdSense check.

Because Citibank only honors the deposit of checks with unique check
numbers, you’ll only be able to successfully deposit one of these checks.
Please destroy the other check.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. To help
ensure smooth payment processing in the future, we recommend that you sign
up for Electronics Funds Transfer (EFT).  You can learn more about this
form of payment at .

The Google AdSense Team

Although one publisher did have a much better idea than simply destroying it, Lame_wolf suggests framing it!

Forum discussion at Webmasterworld and Digital Point.

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