Presenting a free webinar on Content Creation for SEO

If you have an hour to spare on Sunday, I am doing an online webinar on Content Creation for SEO on Sunday August 23 at 3pm EST (12pm PST).  While it isn’t AdSense-specific, obviously great quality content is a major stepping stone in getting traffic, repeat visitors and monetization for a website.  I will be presenting for half an hour, complete with slides, examples and many great take-aways so you can put a refreshed content creation plan into action immediately.  There will be Q&A afterwards, so bring all your burning content creation questions 🙂

Here is the description for my session:

Content Creation for SEO
Anyone can create content, but what about content creation specifically for SEO? It isn’t as easy as slapping up those freebie or cheapie articles and hoping they bring in the traffic. Learn about quality content creation, from finding the ideas to write about (which is often the hardest part) to executing keyword rich content that reads well AND ranks well.

 It is part of a two day webinar series at New Life Event.  All of the webinars are free (it has already started!) and I am sure you will recognize many presenters from various industry conferences, and there are a ton of other SEO related sessions as well.

Registration is free, so I hope to see many of you there.  Click here to register!

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