Google allowing publishers to block 3 more categories

If you were among the many people who loves Google’s Category Filters option, which allows publishers to automatically block all ads in a specific category (ie. blocking all weight loss ads), you will be happy to know that Google will be allowing publishers to block three more categories per account.  So as soon as it […]

How to get one-on-one time with an AdSense account rep

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is how to get an AdSense account rep, especially from those publishers who are stuck in a generic support loop.  And at many conferences there might be one or two AdSense reps on hand to answer standard AdSense related questions, there is a definite desire by […]

Google AdSense Publisher Forum at Content Revenue Strategies

In April I had the opportunity to put members of the Google AdSense team in the hot seat during the Google AdSense Publishers Forum at ADSPACE.  ADSPACE has now rebranded to Content Revenue Strategies, and once again I get the chance to ask the AdSense team all your burning questions about their publisher network at […]