Google allowing publishers to block 3 more categories

If you were among the many people who loves Google’s Category Filters option, which allows publishers to automatically block all ads in a specific category (ie. blocking all weight loss ads), you will be happy to know that Google will be allowing publishers to block three more categories per account.  So as soon as it goes live, publishers will be able to block a total of eight categories, up from the current five.

It also made me realize that since the category filter feature was launched back in April at ADSPACE (now called Content Revenue Strategies), they haven’t added any new categories to filter.  Are there any more current pain point ad areas that aren’t covered by the filter that you would love to see added?  Right now the categories are:  costmetic procedures & body modification; dating; drugs & supplements; get rich quick; politics; religion; ringtones and downloadables; sexual & reproductive health; sexually suggestive; video games (casual and online); weight loss.  It is pretty wide sweeping and covers all the major publisher pain points prior to the feature launch (remember all those “rules” diet ads that were plaguing publisher’s AdSense ads?)  What other categories would you love to see available for blocking?

And it also makes me wonder if Google will be launching anything at CRS next week 😉

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