Remember the woman who sued Google when they suspended her for clicking her own ads?

JenSense suffered a database failure, and one of the side effects was the database ate dozens of posts. While I was restoring some of the corrupted posts (thank you Google Webmaster Tools for showing the 404s and for all the content of those blog posts) I was reminded of the case of Theresa B. Bradley, who clicked on her own AdSense ads, had her 9-day-old AdSense account suspended, and then sued Google for $250,000 over it.

You can read the whole original post here and the follow-up one that went more in depth on her claims.

The whole lawsuit was pretty bizarre – she claimed it took her staff 100 hours to implement and review ads on her 30-ish page site; she admitted she clicked her own ads to make sure they didn’t sell competing products; that Google damaged her reputation; that Google deleted all her Gmail emails about her AdSense account suspension. And this lawsuit was filed by someone with a history of filing a lot of lawsuits.

The case worked its way through the courts for six months, until Theresa Bradley filed to dismiss the case against Google after she was denied the opportunity to appear via telephone in the court case. And the case was dismissed on February 15, 2007. This filing has some interesting information about the AdSense program forĀ AdSense buffs.

You can read the full case file here which shows all the filings by both Google and Theresa Bradley as the case progressed in court.

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