New AdSense Interface Causing Lots of Problems & Issues

Google AdSense updated their reporting interface today for the first time in years.  It looks sleek, uncluttered and a very minimalist version of the old interface.  If you don’t have it updated in your account, AdSense is rolling it out to all publishers over the next few days.  For those who are in the dark, here is how the new look appears.

However, since the new UI launch, my inbox has lit up with plenty of complaints about the new UI.

Many AdSense publishers access their accounts via mobile phones, which isn’t too surprising in this day and age.  Unfortunately, the AdSense team failed to take into account this very major usability aspect into consideration.  So now those attempting to access their earnings and reports discover that the new AdSense UI essentially breaks when viewing on a mobile phone when they switch from the “Mobile View” with limited information to the “Classic View” with more detailed reporting information.  Mobile version does display basic information, and does load cleanly and quickly, but for power AdSense publishers, it is the more detailed information that they really need to access.

What phones aren’t working?  Reports include iPhones, Blackberry phones as well as (funnily enough) Samsung 3S running Android.  There are probably more, since the update is still rolling out, but it is the iPhone that has everyone up in arms with comments about whether it could be intended or not due to it being a competitor to Google’s Android.  Some people are reporting a better mobile experience, athough no one specified what mobile phone/platform they were on, of it they attempted to get more detailed information from the “Classic View” versus the “Mobile View”.

Meg Geddes (@netmeg) left a comment on the AdSense Google+ page about the issues she is having:

Now that it doesn’t render on my iPhone, it’s entirely useless. Was that intentional or just a happy coincidence?  Not only that, because I previously viewed it in Classic view, there’s no clear way to even GET to the mobile view.  I finally managed to manipulate it (via going back and forth in portrait and landscape mode) to click on the mobile view, and all I get now is a message that says “The authentication with the AdSense API failed” with a click to reload that gives me the same error.  You people need to actually TEST this stuff before you release it

They have also changed how reporting is ordered in the UI as well.

Also, when visiting the “Performance reports” tab, you’ll notice that your reports are now organized by type. Click ‘Common reports’ to access your standard reports, and then use the new date range selector. You’ll still be able to choose to either see your default report or daily account performance, just as before.

There is also a second problem with the new UI.  Those publishers who access their accounts in another language have most of their new interface displaying in English.  For those who know both languages, or remember what stats look like, it is easy to figure out.  But for those who do not know English well, this is a major stumbling block.

On the positive side, the AdSense team is aware of the English / non-English issue and are working on it.

Details: We’re currently experiencing problems with non-English versions of the AdSense interface. In these other languages, the majority of content is being displayed in English. However, this has no effect on ad serving or reporting. Our engineers are working on fixing this problem as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

No word on when “as soon as possible” will be unfortunately.

If you are having problems viewing the AdSense with your mobile, please comment with the phone, OS and whether you tried Classic View or Mobile View.

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10 comments to New AdSense Interface Causing Lots of Problems & Issues

  • Julia

    Breaks on my IPhone too. The tin foil hat in me wants to say it was on purpose, but the logical part of me thinks they all use Androids and it didn’t occur to anyone to bother checking any other phones – are Googlers even allowed to use anything other than Android based phones?

  • Mike

    I very rarely login to my account via my phone (if I did, I would probably be reloading everywhere I went LOL) but just wanted to say I am glad to see you blogging again. I was one of those at SES last week that sat at your Penguin and Panda penalty table and asked about what to do wading through thousands of bad backlinks to find the good versus bad ones. But no one compares to your knowledge of all things AdSense, so hope you keep it up. Would friendly nudges on Twitter help 😉

  • SEO addict

    Breaks in my Blackberry and my wife’s iPhone (is that a reason for a divorce right there haha). Really would like to see this fixed ASAP. Anyone gotten a response from Google?

  • I haven’t seen any response about it from Google as of yet.

  • Bizmaster

    I didn’t have mine yet earlier today, but not looking forward to no-iPhone access. They better fix this or just one more reason for publishers to look beyond Adsense.

  • Scott D

    Guess it isn’t surprising it works perfectly on my Android.

    @Seoaddict My wife uses an iPhone too, we also differ on phone choices, but I think she secretly just wants all the apps her girlfriends use.

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  • I was one of the people who talked to you at Search Bash last week and I said I hoped you would start blogging more at jensense again (altho I read at your other blog too). Adsense still makes up a good chunk of my income and the only other real source of info is the official blog, but they don’t always tell the real deal like you do.

    And I apologize if I seemed a bit starry eyed (get it? LOL) at meeting you, I have been a fan since your Webmasterworld days.

  • I haven’t heard anything as yet, except that my stats show a flurry of activity on my site from various Google offices (as always happens when I go on a rant, ork ork)

    I’m gonna keep pushing on this one; this is ridiculous.

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