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December 06, 2004

New way of tracking stats for AdSense publishers

AdSense has had a redesign, along with new features being added for publishers, namely the ability to track stats on a site, directory or page basis.

First up, when you login, you will notice the main AdSense page has a brand new - and much cleaner - look.

Next, Google has added the ability to track stats according to site, directory or page. This will make it much easier for publishers to track earnings across multiple sites, without having to enter specific channels. You just enter your URL in the URL channel control panel, and you do not have to make any changes to the AdSense javascript. This will also help those who need to keep track across multiple domains for tax or partnership reasons, without having the need for multiple AdSense accounts. Nicely done.

In addition to tracking stats by individual domains, you can also track on a directory level basis as well as individual page basis. So entering www.example.com/funkywidgets/ will track all individual pages in the /funkywidgets/ directory.

AdSense has also upped the number of content channels from 50 to 60. Hopefully AdSense will continue to increase this number for publishers, especially with the new addition of tracking on a directory basis. Unfortunately, there is still the 2 day delay for seeing channel stats.

Finally, five new languages have been added to the mix for AdSense search - Traditional Chinese, Russian, Czech, Slovak, and Hungarian.

Posted by Jenstar at December 6, 2004 11:26 AM