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February 16, 2005

AdSense in email newsletters for regular publishers

Google AdSense has allowed a select number of publishers to run AdSense ads in their newsletters. This feature has been tested since last year, but its use is not widely known. But Brian Axe, a Product Manager for AdSense, confirms that they do plan to eventually release AdSense for email newsletters to regular publishers some time in the future.

Google plans to eventually expand the newsletter option beyond its direct AdSense partners to include the smaller publishers who use AdSense's online self-service program.

"It's a goal, but we haven't put any dates around it," Axe said.

While no date is known, it is promising to know that they do plan to eventually allow regular publishers the ability to run AdSense in html email newsletters.

Posted by Jenstar at February 16, 2005 09:56 PM

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hmm. interesting. i wonder if they'll be releasing a Google Newsletter beta service soon? give it away for free with their adsense ads in it maybe - like blogger. or is there a big company they could buy out?

Posted by: kpaul at February 17, 2005 05:18 PM

I'd really like to see adsense for GMail.

Posted by: Rick Blythe at February 18, 2005 05:20 PM

Is there anything like Adsense that could be used in email?

Posted by: Michael Simmons at July 25, 2005 01:14 AM

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