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February 26, 2005

Search Engine Strategies - New York City

It is time for Search Engine Strategies New York City, and my first time speaking at this conference. I will be on the What is Content? session on Thursday morning, the final day of the conference. Be sure to say hi!

For contextual advertisers, Dealing with Contextual and Other Non-Search Ads on Thursday and Click Fraud: A Legal Look on Wednesday morning are two sessions not to miss.

If you have to miss this conference, rustybrick will be doing his Live From SES on the Search Engine Watch Forums.

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February 23, 2005

AdSense launches a new payment interface in the control panel

Once you login and click on the payment history tab, you can see the new version of the AdSense payment history control panel area.

Now, the first page is broken down into two lines per month.

The first is for the day your payment is sent for the previous month's earnings, shown with a ($) around the figure, with a date of the payment being approved.

The second is for the total earnings for that month, showing with the date of the last day of the month.

You can click on the Earnings or the Payment link on each for further details. The earnings details show the split between Search and Content, as well as any adjustments made (if any).

The thing that caught my eye the most is under the payment details, when you click on the payment link for each month. One of the lines for each payment history is "Payment Type: Check". This might just be a sign of future payment options to come.

Overall, it is a much cleaner interface, and the main payments page still shows $ figures. It now seems that payments will show up in the account after a check as been issued, rather than showing the "approved" a few days before the check information is shown, as is usually done.

This seems to be a rolled out update, since some are not reporting seeing the change yet, so if you are not seeing this in your account yet, try back in an hour or two.

And if you want to dive into some avid discussion of the new features, I started a thread at WebmasterWorld on the changes as well.

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February 16, 2005

AdSense in email newsletters for regular publishers

Google AdSense has allowed a select number of publishers to run AdSense ads in their newsletters. This feature has been tested since last year, but its use is not widely known. But Brian Axe, a Product Manager for AdSense, confirms that they do plan to eventually release AdSense for email newsletters to regular publishers some time in the future.

Google plans to eventually expand the newsletter option beyond its direct AdSense partners to include the smaller publishers who use AdSense's online self-service program.

"It's a goal, but we haven't put any dates around it," Axe said.

While no date is known, it is promising to know that they do plan to eventually allow regular publishers the ability to run AdSense in html email newsletters.

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February 15, 2005

More lawsuits against publishers to come?

In the recent AP click fraud article, it refers to the recent lawsuit Google filed against Auction Experts International, over the estimated $50,000 in "illegitimate commissions by clicking on the ad links that Google delivered to its Web pages."

AP writer Mike Liedtke also has quotes from attorney David Kramer, who represents Google.

The suit won't be Google's last to combat click fraud, said Palo Alto attorney David Kramer, who represents the company.
So what does this mean to the average AdSense publisher or advertiser?

It means Google is going to be pursuing those who are committing click fraud. And lawsuits can be quite a deterrent for those committing large-scale click fraud, such as the case with Auction Experts International.

As a publisher, I think this is great since not only does it protect the integrity of the AdSense publisher program, but it also means that sites committing click fraud can easily be taking ad inventory and clicks away from true publishers, meaning that honest publishers may end up showing ads with lower EPC. Once these click fraud sites are suspended from the program, it opens up more ad inventory availability.

As an advertiser, this means that less of my advertising budget will be going to pad the pockets of click fraud artists, and more will be going to true visitor clicks with the potential for conversions.

If filing lawsuits against those committing click fraud is a successful deterent against click fraud, I am all for it. It would be interesting to know if the number of suspected click fraud cases has gone down since last November, when the first lawsuit was filed. Or if it has just brought the issue of click fraud more mainstream where others want to try it too. From both an advertiser and a publisher point of view, I hope it is the former.

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Changes made to AdSense channels

AdSense has made several minor changes on channels in the AdSense control panel.

One complaint I heard from people with long URLs was the fact that AdSense truncated the length of the URLs. Now, complete URLs in your custom channels are shown without any truncating.

You now have easy one-click options for selecting channels on your report page:
Select: All, Active, Inactive, None
The Active feature is particularly handy for those who check all their channel data when it is posted two days later.

You now have up to 100 channels for content available, up from the previously allowed 60.

There will also be some changes made to the Payment History page over the next few weeks.

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February 02, 2005

Could AdSense direct deposits be around the corner?

One of the biggest things I hear from publishers is the desire for direct deposit, rather than snail mail (or UPS for those lucky publishers) check payments. It gets brought up in the AdSense forum on a very regular basis, however, I realize the huge logistical problems that could arise with direct deposits. If it was released to just US publishers first, all the publishers in every other country would be angry that their country wasn't included as well.

However, there are signs that direct deposit could be on the horizon. Google launched their referral program today. The most interesting thing I noted is they were accepting account details for direct deposit payments...

Could this be a sign of things to come for AdSense payments? Could this be the testing ground for direct deposits? It would be far easier to offer this to a small beta testing group than the how ever many number of thousands of US-based AdSense publishers there are.

This will be something to watch, especially as those earning referrals report back that they have successfully received payments via direct deposit for that program. We may see AdSense direct deposits yet!

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More minor changes to the AdSense control panel

I went this evening to copy a specific part of the AdSense javascript to add to the current AdSense script I already had on a page. The script I was currently using was using a custom color set which I did not have as a saved palette, which usually isn't a big deal.

However, I just wanted to add the
google_ad_type = "text_image"; line to test image ads on one specific part of one site. However, when I clicked inside the box, it automatically highlighted the entire javascript, and I could not select just the one line I needed to add.

A new notation was also added to the page:

Click anywhere in this box to select all code.
Yes, I realize why it is there (to remind people to cut and paste the entire javascript without modification). But it is a minor inconvenience for those of us that change little things for testing.

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Google launches their own affiliate program for Adwords & AdSense

Want to earn $20 for every person you refer to Adwords or AdSense? If you do, Google wants to send it to you.

When a person uses your link and signs up for either an Adwords or AdSense account, you are eligible to earn $20 per person, provided they spend $20 with AdWords or earn $75 in AdSense revenue.

Click here to sign up... no that is not a referral link ;) I haven't been approved yet, but I am fairly certain they got higher than anticipated applications today.

Also make note that the program is still in beta, so sign up while you can!

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