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May 19, 2005

Context Stream by Mirago the latest contextual program

Mirago has announced their entry into the contextual publisher market by introducting Context Stream, "the brand new revenue stream for your website".

Like most contextual programs, Mirago will use their technology to read the page and then automatically serve relevant ads to the end user. They will display adverts from their Mirago Featured Sites program for advertisers.

They appear to offer flexibility with the publisher implementation:

We understand that every website is different, and offer various combinations of frames. All you need to do is decide how many advert links you wish to render, where they should appear and we’ll serve the ad units that work best for your site. Of course, If you should still require further customisation then speak to us and we’ll do the rest.
They also allow publishers to run Context Stream on pages that already contain other sponsored site listings, affiliate links or banners. However, they don't say whether other contextual competitive products are permitted on the same page as Context Stream.

To open a Context Stream partner account, you must contact the Partner Team directly. Their registration page may also work for initial contact. Your site's main user base must be located in UK, France, Germany or US.

Posted by Jenstar at May 19, 2005 03:47 PM

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