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July 10, 2005

Plans for AdSense to continue expanding into additional languages

Google AdSense currently supports 18 languages and they plan to continue releasing new languages for AdSense. Currently, AdSense is available for websites in Chinese (simplified), Japanese, Danish, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, English, Polish, Finnish, Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Swedish, Italian and Turkish. Additionally, AdSense for Search can be added to sites in the above languages, as well as Czech, Slovak, and Traditional Chinese.

During the recent AdSense webinar, a question was posed by Vlad Spanyo from Moldova.org about the possibility of AdSense being released in additional languages, specifically Romanian. Kim Malone, Director of AdSense, answered this question.

Well, our goal is to have AdSense in every language on earth. So we are – we try to launch a couple of languages every quarter. So I think it will be, unfortunately, a few quarters before we manage to launch it.
It is nice to see that AdSense is continuing to launch AdSense in additional languages. And will be interesting to see the speculation of what languages will be released in the coming quarters.

You can view the transcript here, about half way down the document.

Posted by Jenstar at July 10, 2005 03:40 PM

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