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August 25, 2005

ScienceDaily.com is the latest AdSense case study

Publishers can't seem to get enough of the AdSense case studies, and they released another one today - a case study on ScienceDaily.com, a content-rich site owned by Dan Hogan.

To add to this positive outcome, Hogan is making money. "All revenue for ScienceDaily comes from online advertising, with AdSense generating 66 percent of total revenue." In addition, the effectiveness of Hogan's cost-per-click ads on AdSense is four to five times that of the other ad networks. Once money started rolling in, Hogan began looking for ways to optimize the performance of Google ads on his site. Based on Google's recommendations and his own testing, he moved ads from the bottom of pages to the directly below articles. Average eCPM immediately jumped by 10 percent. "Google provided great suggestions for ad format and placement, helping us optimize our results," says Hogan.

This case study also talks about the success Hogan has with AdSense for Search, something most of the other case studies don't even mention.

Impressed with the initial results of AdSense for content, Hogan recently augmented his efforts by adding AdSense for search, another variety of AdSense that enables publishers to expand their revenue options. With AdSense for search, Hogan can provide readers with the power of Google search, and at the same time generate additional revenue to support his site.

"AdSense for search performs extremely well. It gives us an exceptional click-through rate of 10 percent and generates 10 to 20 times the clicks of a job search service we've tried," he says. "Plus, by using Google site search, I can now drive traffic to content on ScienceDaily that visitors might not find otherwise."

Something that jumped out at me about the latest site review is this is the first case study to feature a direct hyperlink to the site being studied. All of the others have unlinked URLs. However, in terms of search engine boost, the case studies are on a https page, and with a PR8, ScienceDaily isn't lacking for PageRank juice ;)

You can view this latest case study in HTML or as a PDF.

Posted by Jenstar at August 25, 2005 11:16 PM

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Everybody seems to forget about implementing and optimising Adsense for Search. So don't forget to optimise the placement of your Adsense search code too. I have put the Adsense search box front and center on my page http://www.usedmac.ca And have found great results with the search revenue. It works especially well with the type of site that I run.

Posted by: Scott at August 26, 2005 06:12 AM

Curious. What exactly do we call 'money' or 'results' when dealing with AdSense? I've heard some publishers boast of 1K/mo. Does this seem right?

Posted by: Jamie at September 9, 2005 07:41 PM

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