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September 29, 2005

AdSense ads for Google related services and products

Andrew Goodman noticed today that Google runs ads for their own products and services on content network sites via the AdSense program.

Search Engine Watch then picked up the story, and Danny Sullivan comments that he would find out if they are actually paid ads or not. He then added a postscript to the blog entry later:

Postscript: Chris Ridings writes to say, nope, Google doesn't pay for those ads. See section 11 of the AdSense terms:
Google shall not be liable for any payment based on....(d) Google advertisements for its own products and/or services;

While that is actually in the terms, I have confirmed with Google on several ocassions since these types of ads first bagan running over a year ago that yes the Google product or service ads are paid ads for publishers. I also confirmed with them once again this morning about this, after I got nearly bombarded with questions about it.

The official word from Google on Google products and services ads running on AdSense publisher websites:

Ads for Google products and services enter into the auction just like ads from any other advertiser, and clicks/impressions on these ads absolutely do result in payment to publishers.

PSAs (public service ads), on the other hand, do not result in any payment, but these are not for Google products or services. Publishers can override PSAs by using the alternate URL.

So there is no need to panic, you don't need to run and add Google to your URL filter list under the impression that you would not be getting paid for these ads. Rest assured, any Google service or product ads can make you money on either a per click or per impression basis.

Posted by Jenstar at September 29, 2005 10:21 AM

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Jenstar, do you have a link on the last quote?

Posted by: Randy Charles Morin at September 29, 2005 11:52 AM

The quote was via email.

Posted by: Jenstar at September 29, 2005 12:16 PM

Thanks anyways!

Posted by: Randy Charles Morin at September 29, 2005 01:14 PM

I wanted to know that, been watching those ads for a while.

Posted by: Mandrake at September 30, 2005 06:32 AM

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