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April 10, 2006

YPN launches their own Yahoo Publisher Network Blog

You heard it here first! YPN has launched their own YPN blog to keep publishers (and want-to-be publishers!) up-to-date and in the loop with the very latest about the program.

Yahoo! Publisher Network blog will be a resource for publishers, by publishers. In it, publishers will find not only what they might expect from a product-focused industry blog-the latest on issues, new releases, and tips-but also in-depth how-to's, publisher interviews, industry trends, links to articles and other news and information you can use. The blog is also intended to be a community platform that will help publishers learn how to be more successful and profitable publishers.

I must admit, this is one of the coolest search engine blogs out there. They have pics up on Flickr, complete with amusing blurbs like "beefcake" and "the boss smiles". You can also check out the team picture posing with flying Ys... and check out the notes on their photo there to see the two YPN team mascots! They also link their appearances via Upcoming.

The YPNBlog also has both comments (I made the first one!) and backtracks enabled... although I am not sure if they are on moderation or not, or if only active publishers will be allowed to comment. They do make the comment in the side bar that "Please note that Yahoo! may, in our sole discretion, remove comments if they are off topic, inappropriate, or otherwise violate our Terms of Service."

They also have an about us page with profiles of many of the team members you see at conferences or may have talked with on the phone or via email. So you can learn a bit more about each and even check out some of their sites. And at the end under blog voices, they have listed "Jeremy Zawodny – Yahoo! Troublemaker", a title I am sure many think suit him perfectly ;)

They also have a poll running here too (you have probably seen many polls within the account control panel). But with this one, you can see how everyone else votes too. The current poll is "Do you think contextual ads are appropriate for RSS?"

They will also be featuring a different YPN publisher weekly in their Publisher Spotlight to showcase on the blog, and they are accepting reader nominations. They will also have guest bloggers writing columns for YPNBlog, which will probably be a popular thing with readers.

We’ll also feature guest columns by noted publishers, industry leaders, thinkers and futurists designed to help you see ahead to where the Web – and your market – is going.

They have a great looking blog, although it appears that it doesn't quite work as expected in my versions of Mozilla Firefox, although I don't have the 1.5 version they recommend for "optimal browsing". The background for the blog entry isn't showing up, so the dark grey text does not show up well against the darker colored background. It works fine in IE, and I am sure someone will comment here if there are issues with Firefox 1.5 too.

It also appears that Yahoo got/bought the blog from a publisher who registered the name once the YPN name was announced last year to make his own blog about YPN.

The YPNBlog will definitely be one to watch, they seem to have jumped right in to make this a great blog off the hop. They are also open to feedback and suggestions, so you can help make it better. Add it to your RSS/XML reader, or visit the blog to grab the MyYahoo link.

And congrats to the YPN team on the new blog launch!

Added: I forgot to mention there is a video profiling some of the team members, you can access it by clicking on the large group photo on the blog, or by clicking here. But you may have to wait, too many people appear to by trying to watch it at once ;)

Posted by Jenstar at April 10, 2006 06:12 AM

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Awe... You made us BLUSH!

Posted by: M2 at April 10, 2006 08:34 AM

I also like the fact they accept comments. Google's blog, while being an ok effort, doesn't allow comments.

Posted by: Patrick Grote at April 10, 2006 11:20 AM

When I visited the YPN blog, it appears as follows:

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem (i.e. unreadable text)? I was using Firefox.

Posted by: Frank Mash at April 10, 2006 04:56 PM

Yes, that's what I saw Frank. Almost unreadable, had to highlight everything so I could see the words. Hopefully they will sort this soon, and hopefully extend YPN further than the US too. :)

Posted by: Bulbboy at April 10, 2006 08:14 PM

Try upgrading to FF 1.5 or higher!

Posted by: M2 at April 12, 2006 07:44 AM

As a non us citizen I am still waiting when YPN is opening up for the rest of us.

Or will this never happen??

Well now I know their blog they will announce it there, I guess.

Posted by: simon at April 13, 2006 02:05 PM

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