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May 11, 2006

New AdWords Tool Useful For Publishers

When people talk about what a possible click in AdSense might be worth in a new subject area, they tend to refer to the Yahoo Search Marketing Bid Tool. However, this obviously isn't a perfect solution since they are for two different - and competing - companies. Fortunately for advertisers and publishers alike, Google AdWords has launched their own estimator tool for CPC and traffic data, and publishers will find this tool will be much more useful in estimating what a possible EPC will be on a new subject area.

Of course, there is always the issue of whether you will show ads on a page for the keyword "widgets" or "fluffy green widgets", which can definitely play a role in how much a click is worth to a publisher. And you also have to factor in Google's cut of the click as well as potential smart pricing issues, which can further devalue what the click will pay a publisher (and what the advertiser will ultimately pay for it). But it is nice for giving rough estimations when you are considering a site in a new niche market area that you might not have previous experience in.

You can access the tool here and start seeing what CPC on many different terms are. How much do you want to bet that mesothelioma is one of the most-checked search terms today ;) I already added to the count!

Posted by Jenstar at May 11, 2006 07:36 AM

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