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October 23, 2006

Steve Mitgang announces new Yahoo Search Marketing Blog on Click This

Steve Mitgang, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the global team leading the definition, creation and marketing of Yahoo!'s advertising products, platforms and services was my guest today on Click This! and he announced that Yahoo will be launching a brand new Yahoo Search Marketing blog.

"We will be launching a blog that will be coming out later this week, so you are getting a little bit of a preview on that," Mitgang said during the live chat Monday morning. "And again a lot of information will be there for everyone to see what's going on."

The Yahoo Publisher Network has had their blog since April, so it seems that Yahoo was waiting for the launch of Panama for launching the sister blog for advertisers.

While no domain name has been announced, I would bet money that YSMBlog.com (currently inactive) will be the new URL, following suit of YPNBlog.com.

And will the YSM Blog also feature a sock monkey, or will they get their own mischevious sock mascot?

Download Click This! here (I will be doing a more detailed post on what Steve and I covered)

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