Chitika’s SearchAppalooza re-cap video from SES New York

In March at SES New York, I was one of the guest judges for Chitika’s SearchAppalooza, to find the best new search app for 2009 (and there was also a pretty hysterical Oreo cookie eating contest at the end). Chitika has put up a montage video of some of my comments on the featured search […]

Problems with Chitika’s non-existant support and uncashable check payments

Chitika running adult ads and images in their ad units

I caught Chitika running adult oriented ad units and images in their eMiniMalls ad units…

Chitika releases November & December audits for eMiniMalls

Chitika has finally released their November earnings audit (which was expected last month) and have also released December’s audit as well. Payments will be sent in the next few days for November earnings but December earnings will not be released until the end of January. As for the audits themselves, there hasn’t been any feedback […]

Chitika delays audit and payments by two weeks

Chitika publishers see drastically reduced earnings in audited reports

Chitika launches eMiniMalls UK

eMiniMalls ad unit redesign sparks controversy

eMiniMalls adds some new features & makes some changes

Chitika eMiniMalls search tab is compatible with AdSense