New AdSense Interface Causing Lots of Problems & Issues

Google AdSense updated their reporting interface today for the first time in years.  It looks sleek, uncluttered and a very minimalist version of the old interface.  If you don’t have it updated in your account, AdSense is rolling it out to all publishers over the next few days.  For those who are in the dark, […]

Remember the woman who sued Google when they suspended her for clicking her own ads?

JenSense suffered a database failure, and one of the side effects was the database ate dozens of posts. While I was restoring some of the corrupted posts (thank you Google Webmaster Tools for showing the 404s and for all the content of those blog posts) I was reminded of the case of Theresa B. […]

How newspapers are earning money from ads visitors cannot click & sabotaging their CPM rates too

My local newspaper, the Victoria Times Colonist (and a second newspaper owned by parent company Postmedia News, the Montreal Gazette) decided to go with a paid subscription model a week ago – once you have read ten articles per month, you can only view the homepage for free.  And while there are some paid subscription […]

Google AdSense quietly updates their policies regarding chat programs & iframes

IFrames are so 1990s but alas there are probably some webmasters out there that are still displaying their AdSense ad units via iframes. And AdSense has quietly updated their AdSense policies a few days ago to include that AdSense ad units can no longer be served within iframes. AdSense code may not be altered, nor […]

New style of Google AdSense ad units causing problems with how ads are displayed

I noticed a couple of days ago that the AdSense ads on some various sites had been slightly altered to give a bit more spacing around the ad units and to help the text “pop” more. However, the change seems to have gone largely unnoticed by publishers and hasn’t been officially confirmed by AdSense.  Unfortunately, […]

Use Google AdSense to donate to the Japanese Red Cross

Google AdSense posted today that they are helping the Japan via AdSense for publishers wanting to donate earnings to the relief effort.  Longtime JenSense readers will remember this post detailing how to change your alternative AdSense ad (what shows when there are no relevant ads to display).  But since PSAs have been phased out, it […]

Google AdSense has new Custom Search Ads

If you have long wanted new customization options when you are using AdSense for Search, you just got your wish. Their new Custom Search Ads allows you to customize it to better suit the look and feel of your site. If you are wanting to see them in action before you try it live on […]

AdSense launches new user interface for publishers

The adSense user interface has not changed much since AdSense originally launched back in 2003, with the exception of adding the new account overview page a few years ago.  But today AdSense announced at Content Revenue Strategies a brand new user interface for publishers.  It is starting as a closed beta, but if you are […]

Google allowing publishers to block 3 more categories

If you were among the many people who loves Google’s Category Filters option, which allows publishers to automatically block all ads in a specific category (ie. blocking all weight loss ads), you will be happy to know that Google will be allowing publishers to block three more categories per account.  So as soon as it […]

How to get one-on-one time with an AdSense account rep

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is how to get an AdSense account rep, especially from those publishers who are stuck in a generic support loop.  And at many conferences there might be one or two AdSense reps on hand to answer standard AdSense related questions, there is a definite desire by […]