AdSense annnounces new category filters for publishers

I am at the ADSPACE conference where Brad Bender from Google is giving his opening keynote.  And as I suspected, they did announce something new for publishers.  AdSense has announced some new category filters for publishers. Brad didn’t go into too much detail, but it will allow publishers to filter out ads by categories.  I […]

AdSense ups competitive ad filter to 500 for publishers

If you have maxed out your competitive ad filter, you are in luck, because AdSense has increased the number of filters for publishers up to 500. Here is the thread at WebmasterWorld from AdSenseAdvisor Check your account. We have more than doubled your number of filters (to 500). Please don’t go crazy with this. The […]

Introducing JenSense Pro – members only articles & forums

I have thought about doing some sort of membership site for years now, and after some prodding by several Twitter followers, I decided to bite the bullet for a few reasons. The first is that JenSense has primarily been a news site for AdSense and other contextual advertising programs, I don’t tend to do too […]

AdSense rejecting new applications on new domains

I noticed an interesting thread on Digital Point with a new reason for rejection – the domain in question used to apply for Google AdSense was newer than 6 months old.  This is one reason I have never heard of before, and a quick search didn’t bring up any results for the exact rejection reason: […]

New AdSense privacy policy with interest based targeting included

With the new interest based targeting available through Google AdSense, all publishers must update their privacy policies to reflect this by April 8, 2009. With the popularity of the previous privacy policy by JenSense (used on more than 68,000 websites and counting), we now have a newly updated privacy policy for publishers with the new […]

Google AdSense drops AdSense for video

Google AdSense has decided to no longer offer their Google AdSense for video (not to be confused with video ads, where advertiser’s videos appear in an ad unit in lieu of a text or image ad).  These ads, which have been around for just over a year, allowed publishers to show certain YouTube videos embedded […]

Google AdSense joins Twitter

If you haven’t noticed on the Google AdSense blog, AdSense now has their own Twitter account where they will be tweeting on all things AdSense.  So far they have highlighted some things previously featured on the blog, but also have highlighted a forum thread where publishers share some of their AdSense tips. They only have […]

Google AdSense introduces behavioral targeting AKA “interest based targeting”

Google AdSense as jumped into the behavioural targeting ad game with the launch of their new “interest based targeting” in an email publishers received last night, and which was also posted on the Inside AdSense blog. Interest-based advertising will allow advertisers to show ads based on a user’s previous interactions with them, such as visits […]

Suspended AdSense publisher sues Google and wins

Have you had your account suspended by AdSense?  Most publishers end up losing the revenue earned after the last check had been issued.  Depending on the publisher, this could obviously vary from a few pennies to thousands of dollars.  So one publisher, Aaron Greenspan of Think Computer Corporation, decided to sue Google for that amount, […]

If you think no one is watching you click your own AdSense ads…

It is funny how people think they are being so creative by clicking their own AdSense ads.  So, here is one guy who thought he’d be sneaky by clicking his own AdSense ads – across multiple sites, no less – while at a Morrison’s Supermarket in the UK. SEO Idiot caught this guy in action while […]