Do you have a problem with Google Adsense showing PSAs?

AdSense Optimization Boot Camp Tip #6  Ah, the good old Bush Clinton Katrina Fund, the AdSense PSA (Public Service Ad/Announcement) that has dominated since hurricane Katrina hit.  But what most people don’t realize is that many websites have PSA issues, even if a publisher never happens to spy one showing up anywhere on one of […]

Using meta tags to influence your AdSense ads

AdSense Optimization Boot Camp Tip #5  Yes, meta tags definitely lost influence in the search engines years ago after spammy webmasters turned them into a keyword stuffing paradise… and yes, stuffing payday loans 87 times in your meta tags did work once upon a time.  But since then, people have definitely become lazy about adding […]

Optimizing your ad title colors for higher click through rate

AdSense Optimization Boot Camp Tip #4  Optimizing your ad title colors is one of the most important things you should consider when optimizing your AdSense ads for higher click through rate.  At the very beginning when AdSense first launched, most people went and tried all various colors of the rainbow when it came to their […]

Does your highest CTR AdSense ad unit have the best spot for revenue?

AdSense Optimization Boot Camp Tip #2 If you are a publisher who has multiple ad units on a page, whether it is because of personal preference or simply because it is a long content-heavy page, you need to make sure your placement isn’t leaving revenue on the table.  Time and time again I have helped […]

Using AdSense image ads to increase revenue

AdSense Optimization Boot Camp Tip # 1  I am a firm believer (with the stats to back it up) that adding a second AdSense placement on a webpage can lead to a loss of revenue, because with lower paying ads in a second ad unit, you can lose revenue per click when someone clicks those […]

Workaround for the AdSense “top channels” reporting problem

If you are still being annoyed by the sorting issue that Google is having with their “top channels” on the reporting overview page, there is a workaround that some publishers may not have thought of. You can save a custom report, and then click on it from your control panel. Simply go into Advance Reports, […]

25 Blog Optimization Tips

Not exactly on contextual advertising, but I wanted to highlight an article I wrote for Search Engine Land yesterday, 25 Tips to Optimize Your Blog for Readers & Search Engines. I know many JenSense readers are also bloggers, so it might be useful especially if you are trying to earn money from your blog, whether […]

Low AdSense impressions? Maybe your publisher ID has been changed by a hacker

Usually when a publisher logs into his or her AdSense account and notices impressions have dropped significantly, there is a list of potential problems you look at for the reason. These include things like checking if there is a PSA issue as a result of the stop word filter or robots.txt issue, a significant drop […]

One poorly converting site can “smart price” an entire AdSense account

Google has said very little publicly about Smart Pricing secret sauce which results in some publishers earning more money for a click while others earn less (and yes, the advertiser will also pay less accordingly). Here is the basis of how smart pricing works: Google’s smart pricing feature automatically adjusts the cost of a keyword-targeted […]

Best forum placement tips from AdSense

In their most recent blog entry, AdSense offers up an AdSense heat map specifically for forums, likely as a result of their forum optimization tests that some publishers were participating in this summer. I would be curious to see how this breaks down across forum styles, if they release this information. I found with phpBB […]