New AdSense privacy policy with interest based targeting included

With the new interest based targeting available through Google AdSense, all publishers must update their privacy policies to reflect this by April 8, 2009. With the popularity of the previous privacy policy by JenSense (used on more than 68,000 websites and counting), we now have a newly updated privacy policy for publishers with the new […]

Webinar for new Google AdSense publishers

AdSense publishers will begin to see animated image ads in the future

Is the Adwords affiliate policy a pro-AdSense move by Google?

Terms & Policies: Google AdSense vs. Chitika RealContext – And the winner is… Google

AdSense has some pretty strict terms, and most competitors have had quite lenient terms by comparison, wanting to appear easier to work with and less strict than AdSense. Chitika, which launched earlier this month, brings the strengths of multiple PPC providers under one publishers program – RealContext – with over 500,000 individual ad listings. Their […]