Yahoo Publisher Network officially closes & refers publishers to Chitika

It is a sad day for Yahoo Publisher Network publishers, as the program that was once considered the best potential competitor for Google is officially shutting down. And interestingly, they are recommending Chitika as a replacement. Chitika currently resyndicates ads through the Yahoo Content Match (similar to Google’s premium publishers) so publishers can still run […]

Yahoo Publisher Network RSS ads discontinued

Another day, another Yahoo Publisher Network program has been closed.  YPN has discontinued their Ads in RSS program.  I am kind of surprised they did this, because this was one of the YPN programs I have always highly recommended.   Google AdSense had their RSS ads in a closed beta for years, so I recommended people […]

Adobe & Yahoo discontinue Ads for Adobe PDFs

One of the unique contextual ad programs, Ads for Adobe PDF has been discontinued and will cease serving ads on March 31, 2009.  Ads for Adobe PDF was unique in that it served contextually targeted ads in Adobe PDF files, with the ads being served by Yahoo.  Thank you for your early adopter support and […]

Google Chrome changes how Yahoo Publisher Network ads are displayed

When Google Chrome was released earlier this week, I spent some time checking out how my various websites displayed in Google Chrome, which it seemed to pass with flying colors… that is until I noticed Google Chrome is somehow changing how Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) ads are displayed.  Instead of the usual format, it is […]

Radio show on my thoughts on the Yahoo/Google ad deal

I will be posting my comments on the whole Yahoo & Google advertising deal that was announced, but Shoemoney & I did a live webcast video show today, and my thoughts on what this means for publishers was one of the topics we discussed today (among other things, such as boothbabes, Google buying Digg and […]

Smart pricing comes to the Yahoo Publisher Network

Yahoo Publisher Network now has PayPal for payment option

Yahoo’s Panama ad platform will launch in UK / Europe in Q02

Yahoo Publisher Network giving false compliancy alerts

New YPN Compliance Manager alerts publishers to TOS account violations

Many publishers fear the chance that they might get an email from their contextual advertising program – one of those important account-threatening ones – and it ends up not arriving because it has been spam filtered or there has been some other techy glitch. Now, Yahoo Publisher Network has released a new Compliance Manager to […]